Advertising: How not to be seen as spam

There is a simple way to get noticed. It does not require screaming, using pop-up layers or generally irritating readers. And if you think about it, it makes perfect sense: Show your product or service to potential users that will actually care what you have to say. After all: You are not just trying to sell a product, you’re trying to show people a better, smarter or new way to work.

Spam or solution

So who actually decides if you’re SPAM or a solution? That’s easy! The audience does. And we’ve got your audience right here. contains articles and links for a professional audience. People visit the site to find an answer to their specific pre-press or graphic design problem, because they simply want to learn new ways to get their job done faster, better – or preferably – both.

Relevant ads

We want the ads to be relevant for the readers. No ‘ring tone’ or ‘you’re the 1000th viewer and won’ ads. We want readers for to know the ads we show are relevant. This way we create extra value for you as an advertiser. shows just 2 type of banners: The Big Ad and the Standard Ad. Each page on shows all the banners at the same time so your message gets maximum exposure.

How to get your ad on

Just send us an email with company details telling us what product or service you would like to advertise and how much you would like to invest in your campaign. Ad campaigns run on CPM (or Cost per thousand impressions) of 4 euro* (or 5 USD*) for one thousand impressions for the Standard Ad. (Starting with of 10.000 impressions or 40 euro* or 50 USD*). Using CMP gives you, the advertiser, total control. Your Ad campain is pre-paid and will automatically stop when it has reached the number of pre-paid impressions you booked.

We’ve got 2 banner sizes

  • The Big ad: 336 × 280 pixels (8 euro* or 10 USD*)
  • The Standard Ad: 336 × 100 pixels (4 euro* or 5 USD*)
    * prices ex 19% VAT


We’ll (usually) give the O.K. within 24 hours and provide you with a bill with our company’s details. An Advertiser-account is created for you and your banner will be displayed after we received payment. Please make sure your banner and the destination link are also provided. After payment you can log in on your secured account any time and analyze your ad’s statistics. New clients are required to prepay their ad-campaign, for existing clients we will activate your campaign a.s.a.p. and send you the invoice and login details. Payment is required within 21 days. Contents of web advertisements are subject to the our approval and we reserve the right to reject or cancel an advertisement.


Both the Big Ad (336 × 280 pixels) and the Standard Ad (336 × 100 pixels) can be JPEG, GIF or PNG and cannot contain animation or specific DHTML code. We do not dispaly animated ads.

We’ve hosted ads for Enfocus, MarkzWare, Five4U, GOC, DOESUM, MacDealer LSJ The Hague, Colour Confidence and others. Your message, right in the heart of your audience.