Professional Illustrator Frank De Man shows you how to create Artwork like his

Oct 4, 2009

Illustrator Frank De Man is the kind of guy that does not mind showing you how he creates his artwork. Frank sent me a selection of short video’s where he demonstrates how to use advanced Adobe Illustrator features. Of course we all know and love Illustrator, but Frank takes it to the next level. Some of you already know Frank, as he is also an author for the Dutch Publish magazine and you might have even seen Frank showing off his skills at the DEA (or Digital Engineer Assembly) last year. A few of these video’s are from Frank’s presentation at the DEA. You can view the collection of all eight video’s, Franks entire articles and Illustrations for Publish Magazine and more of Frank’s Illustrations after the ‘Read More…’

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VIDEO: The Elusive Pathfinder Panel

Jul 26, 2009

By Guy: The Pathfinder panel in Illustrator has been a fundamental part of the creative process for as long as I can remember. The ability to make new shapes from the interaction of other shapes has not been altered in years, until the newest sibling came along. Read more

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Packaging and Virtual Prototyping

Jul 17, 2009

I just read a very good article by Gary George from Tunnica Pre Media Blog about virtualizing your packaging design. If Boeing can create a virtual prototype down to the very last cable, we graphic designers must certainly be able to create a virtual prototype for our packaging designs. Check out the article and video on his blog.

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Why pixel logo’s suck. A short film for your clients

May 9, 2009

We know pixel logo’s suck, that’s why real designers use Illustrator to create logo’s. Unfortunately most of their clients haven’t got a clue. They think vector based logo’s suck ‘cause Microsoft Word or PowerPoint can’t import those. That’s why most of us provide clients with high res JPEG’s or PNG’s. And that’s exactly what they send out to other designer’s asking for logo’s. I can’t recall how many times I had to explain the difference in order to get a client to send out a request to receive the real logo and not the JPEG. Now you don’t have to any more. Just send them this link to a short film by the Logo Factory explaining exactly why pixel-based logo’s are inferior to vector-based. It’s the ultimate answer. (Video after the ‘Read More’). Read more

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