Projectmanager gezocht

Dec 5, 2010

VosLibert Leeuwarden is op zoek naar een goede projectmanager voor haar “Food & Fast Moving Consumer Goods” (FMCG) klanten. Heb je (minstens) enkele jaren ervaring en interesse? Kijk dan snel op de website voor alle details. Als je meer wilt weten over het soort klanten waar we voor werken, bekijk dan deze cases en kies ‘food’.

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One Hour, one Magazine photo’s and video

Nov 15, 2010

I had a superb time at ‘One Hour, One Magazine’. I didn’t think it would be so much fun to work under intense pressure with people I didn’t even know. There was a lot of energy in the place and everyone finished in one hour. You can have a quick look what is was like in this video. There were (video)camera’s all over the place so I suppose more photo’s and video’s will be uploaded this week. Here’s a nice photo galery.

Photo by: J. van de Loos

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One Hour, one Magazine and a few seats left

Nov 11, 2010

Tomorrow at the Northern Film Festival I’ll be joining a group of other designers in creating a magazine in one hour from start to finish. Love the idea. Each team will take care of 5 pages. As I have never worked with any of the other designers we’ll see how everything turns out. There are still a few ‘seats’ left so if you’re interested sign up. Photo’s from the first 1 hour, 1 magazine right here on Flickr. (Can’t understand why we don’t have internet-access during the hour by the way. There is Wifi, but no internet. What’s up with that? Surfing the internet is a great way to do some quick research…)

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The Behance Network & Designs from way back

Sep 12, 2010

I’ve been busy creating an online portfolio using the Behance Network. Why Behance you might ask? There sure are a lot of ‘Portfolio-websites’ out there and there’s even more ‘Portfolio’ software. What made me choose Behance was the fact it can be added to your Linkedin Profile. (If someone is able to view your ‘full Profile’ that is). Apart from that it’s very easy to create your own online portfolio using Behance own Tools. You can do it all inside the browser. Because it’s easy and quick I don’t have to waste time learning new software and I can just upload my designs. Speaking of designs: I was cleaning out my attic and stumbled upon some old graphic designs from 1996 and 1997. Back then I was still a student, but already I had a few clients. Together with two friends we created concert posters, tickets and books for a local Church Choir. There was almost no budget and we were only allowed to use one Pantone color. (Printing was expensive in those days). We used a pen, a scanner, Macromedia Freehand 3 and QuarkXpress 3 and we rocked! (You can check out more designs as I will be adding more to my Behance Portfolio in time).

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And we’re back!

Sep 6, 2010

The website is up and running once again. Please note the older Dutch Archive of MacMojo is not online yet. We’re working on that. Apart from this website you can also follow the author Marco Kramer via Twitter. I know your time is precious so I’ll only post Twitter updates when I publish an article. Only occasionally will I send a short messages to other ‘digital engineers’. If you’re in to graphic- and webdesign and pre press I encourage you to link to my Linkedin Profile. If you do you can also check out my online portfolio. If you’re not into Twitter and all that, you could also just view my and see al those things in one place.

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‘Who’s buying Ads’ SlideShare for VosLibert

Aug 29, 2010

Some time ago I held a talk at my company regarding print Ads. Because of the world-wide recession Ad budgets dropped. I wanted to know: Is anyone still buying print-ads? If so, who? Why do they choose to advertise in newspapers? This information might help the new business team. Anyway, hope you enjoy the SlideShare presentation. Read more

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Have you checked out my

Aug 21, 2010

Oh yeah. I just finished my very own and it only took me about 30 minutes from start to finish. The Flavors service is very good. It basically allows anyone to create their own online profile that will show all of their online interests. If you want to add, include or modify anything (like say the layout, fonts, colors) it can all be done using just your browser. Very nice and totally free. (The 20 bucks full-service allows for much more customization and extra’s like custom url, favicon, inserting movie-clips and more). Check it out. The photo I used was made by Photographer Henri Vos.

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Re: Een gedicht

Jul 13, 2010

Hoi Marco,
Een tijdje terug heb jij getwitterd,
en niet eens heel erg verbitterd,
dat men doodleuk had besloten
jou VosLibert uit te stoten.

Dat verbaast mij uiteraard,
want jij was elke euro waard.
Maar ik ga, tot mijn grote spijt,
niet over VL’s personeelsbeleid.

Je vindt ongetwijfeld heel snel weer
een baan als ‘digital engineer’.
Jouw gedicht was toen een mooie geste,
mede daarom wens ik je het beste!

(Jouw gedicht heb ik helaas niet meer.
Die heb je toen intern verstuurd en daar
kan ik al heel lang niet meer in.)

Wim Platje, NetCopy, de online tekstwinkel.

(Mijn hart-onder-de-riem gedicht aan Wim indertijd is helaas verloren gegaan).

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A weekend in Brussels in 4 photo’s

May 9, 2010

I just returned from a very nice trip to Brussels in Belgium. What a great city! I want to share 4 remarkable photo’s with you.

The Atomium, based up on or a molecule of iron about 200 meters tall.

Great ads all over the town.

When in Brussels, drink beer. This is the pub that is home to the famous brand ‘Mort Subite’ or ‘Sudden Death’.

I visited the famous Art Noveau House, Horta. Look what I bumped in to (besides a lot of Art Noveau). I never knew that was where the old English saying came from. (Hint: This logo was stamped in the toilet).

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Looking for a new Job?

Oct 12, 2009

Here at VosLibert we’re looking for a good graphic designer to help us get all of the jobs done at the end of the day. If you feel you’re the one, let us know. We’ve got a great portfolio of clients like Grolsch, NestlĂ©, FricoCampina, Gardena, StorkAir, Pepsi, C1000, Celavita, and many, many more. Check out the website and send your application to the Studio Manager. We are looking for someone with at least 3 years of experience. (And you must be able to speak and read Dutch).

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Job openings at VosLibert

Jul 6, 2009

The company I work for, VosLibert Communicatie, is looking for a good Project Manager to handle jobs for one of their clients. The job consists of communicating between several graphic designers and the client in order to streamline their packaging-design jobs. You need to be able to communicate in Dutch and English if you feel like applying. We’re also looking for two young ‘KickStarters‘. Two guys (or girls) that want to start their career at VosLibert. They get to concentrate on ‘new media’ and we want them to join our creative team and suprise us with their idea’s and concepts. You get to work for big clients like Nestle, Grolsch, TVM, Canei, UnivĂ©, sc Heerenveen and many more. No experience required, but a Design or ‘Communication’ education is required. Check the Dutch website for more info. English? Send me an email.

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Visiting Gent & Brussels

Jun 21, 2009

This Tuesday I’ll be visiting Esko Artwork in Gent for a presentation called ‘From Design to Print: Mastering the entire production chain using ISO 12647 out-of-the-box’. Apart from discussing the importance of standardization & ISO compliancy, we’ll be shown workflows revolving around ISO 12647. Yes, only real ‘print-geeks’ will be allowed entrance. And if that wasn’t enough the very next day I’ll travel to Brussels for a two day event regarding the latest & greatest from Axaio, Callas, Enfocus, ProofMaster and DMP. Should you happen to also attend either one of these events, you could always let me know. I always enjoy talking to other Digital Engineers. (I really do hope the farmers are done with all their protesting!)

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So what if you don’t get paid

May 26, 2009

Last week one of the Dutch websites I frequently visit to check the Mac and Print news ( decided to quit and that was too bad. They had lots of visitors but the original crew couldn’t find the time to keep pushing out short stories and news each and every day. I enjoyed reading their articles. But having run a Dutch website focussed on Print and Graphic Design Techniques myself for over six years now, I totally understand how difficult it can be. Writing, interviewing and doing the research for an article takes up huge amounts of my time. If it’s so hard and it takes up so much of my time then why would I even bother? Why don’t I just spend my spare time flippin’ burgers? At least then I’d get paid right? Read more

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Bringing back to life the Old Dutch Masters

Apr 29, 2009

My colleagues and I always use large black foam-boards to present our designs and idea’s. Most of the time we end up with several of them. But how do you transport a bunch of those things? For years we’ve used standard king-size art-folders, but everybody’s got those… They don’t let us stand out of the crowd and they’re too expensive to just hand over to a client every time we present new designs. It feels rather cheap to return home with an empty art-folder after a presentation and leave the client with a pile of foam-boards on his desk… Apart from that we were also looking for a way to let our company and designs stand out at the very beginning. So we decided to create our own foam-board carrying cases. They were designed to carry foam-boards, impress the client from the get-go and they were to be made out of cardboard so we could hand them over along with the designs. We decided to look at the Old Dutch Masters for inspiration. Read more

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Two great photoshoot opportunities land in my lap

Feb 26, 2009

Well this is really cool. I was visiting my friend Rinus some time ago and were talking about setting up the new Digital Engineer website. Now he’s no graphic designer but he is a creative guy and knows people all over the world. I admired a portrait on his wall. ‘Too bad Sipke, the photographer, lives and works in London’, Rinus said… A shame because I really wanted a good portrait for my new website. But who was I kidding? I had already spend all the money I made selling ad-space for my Dutch website, MacMojo… What to do? It’s not like you can find good photographers on every street corner… Read more

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English? Or ‘Denglish’?

Feb 19, 2009

I’m a graphic designer, not an English teacher so you’ll probably find some ‘Denglish’ or Dutch-English popping up in my articles, but I hope they won’t keep you from reading and commenting. If it gets really bad, just send me an email and I’ll update the English. Please don’t act like a ‘dictionary dictator’ and use the comments to tell me I wrote something wrong. Please use the comments to comment on the subject, not the language and keep in mind I’m Dutch and English is my third language.

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