Dutch ‘Funny Money’ or the ultimate in Money Design

May 19, 2009

Dutch people have always had ‘a thing’ with designing money. Before the Euro we used to have our own Guilder with a beautiful symbol: ƒ. Dutch money bills were known around the world for their modern and outstanding design. Now we have Euro bills with fake monuments and the Euro symbol: €. If you’re thinking “that Euro symbol looks like a logo instead of a symbol or letter”, you’d be correct. I suppose that’s what you get when civil servants don’t consult typeface experts. But we can still look back at all the great Dutch designs that were made. A highly detailed interview about Dutch money with great examples inclusing the ‘Light House’, ‘Sunflower’ and ‘Snipe’ bills and hidden ‘Easters Eggs’ the designer added to the final design (including a print of his own middle finger) can be found at Creative Review. (Via I love typography). But there’s more: Even though we can’t create our own money any more we still manage to design some great coins every now and than.

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All designers talk the talk, but only few walk the walk

Apr 8, 2009

The city of Amsterdam just hosted the Cut&Paste Contest; a live Design Battle for sixteen young, Dutch graphic designers. If you think working with a short deadline is though, think again. These guys had to create their design in 15 minutes in front of a screaming audience! Pictures of the Amsterdam Event can be viewed here. The designers (or should I say artists?) are over here. Cut&Paste has set up events all over the world and the big finale where all the winners from the other C&P events will do battle is New York. Great concept! (I do hope none of my clients will attend! They might expect me to do all my work in 15 minutes…)

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