Kon .psd niet opslaan omdat er geen schijftoegang is verleend

Dec 23, 2010

Of we dit aan Adobe of aan Apple hebben te danken laat ik even in het midden, maar dat het een kritieke bug is, is wel zeker. Wat is er aan de hand? Bij het werken in een groot Photoshop bestand druk je ‘Save’ in en krijg je de melding “Kon .psd niet opslaan omdat er geen schijftoegang is verleend”. Vervolgens probeer je het bestand op een andere locatie te bewaren en loopt Photoshop vast. Opnieuw bewaren is daardoor niet mogelijk. Het ergste is: Je originele bestand is compleet gewist van de server! Adobe adviseert om niet vanaf een server te werken. Mooi is dat… Een oplossing is vooralsnog niet voorhanden. Terug naar lokaal werken voor Photoshop files…

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F*©king with the magic

Jul 13, 2010

By Richard Kelly: I’ve been in this business just long enough to remember when art directors did marker on paper comps. My memory is slightly romantic, but it seems to me that the alternative using stock photography for comps is in a way “F*©king with the magic*” of the creative spirit of custom photography. Read the rest at his own website. (Via Wouter).

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Regarding the Photoshop reflection ‘that wasn’t there’

Jun 24, 2010

As some of you noticed one of designs featured in this article shows a proper reflection of the bottom om the chair. But this reflection is impossible to create in Photoshop unless you used an actual mirror during the shoot. (And we didn’t). The reflection was created afterwards but we cheated a bit…
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Exhibition: ‘Drop-in Portraits’ in London

Jul 2, 2009

I interviewed photographer and artist Sipke Visser some time ago. This week (3 July to 19 July) he’ll be hosting an exhibition called ‘Drop-In’ Portraits in London. Every picture was shot using the ads Sipke placed on the GumTree website. (More about that in the interview). Sipke also took care of my own photographs. If you have a change to visit the exhibition just take the DLR departing from Bank Station or a train departing from Charing Cross Station. It’s just a 15 min. ride and a five minute walk to the Viewfinder Gallery.

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Testing… testing… testing… is this thing on?

Feb 11, 2009

And we’re live! After more than six years of running a specialized Desk Top Publishing website and writing about prepress, graphic design and PDF I’ve decided to start publishing in English. This website originated from the Dutch site called MacMojo. I’ve tried publishing in both languages but that just takes up too much of my time. I’ve got a daytime job as well, you know! So English it will be. I’ve had a absolutely awesome time working at the MacMojo website and getting to know all those skilled people that were kind enough to explain exactly what they did and how they did it. I think working on this international version called Digital-Engineers.net will be even better. But fist, let me tell you what I feel a true Digital Engineer is. Read more

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