45th printer with ‘Certified Color’ in the Netherlands

Posted by Marco on Jan 21, 2010 in ICC

Recently the 45th printer company in the Netherlands got ISO 12647 approval. This basically means their entire operation is dedicated to the so-called ‘Certified Color’ process. The ISO qualification guarantees their printing quality, the inks, paper and just about every detail you can think of. As such companies selecting these printers can rest assure they will receive the best possible quality. More and more companies that rely on perfect color (such as the food-business) are starting to find out.

The 45th printer to join the ISO qualification is Telenga located in the Frisian town Franeker. Currently only 45 printers carry the complete ISO 12647. Another 135 have stated they can reproduce the exact quality. (One of the important things about the ISO process is the fact that a client is able to measure the quality. The ISO guidelines, rules and datasets are available to anyone. As such complete ISO approval is not absolutely necessary in order to reach the same level of quality). Of course these companies are not able to carry the official ISO approval.

The entire list as of Januari the 15th:

ISO 12647 certified printing companies in the Netherlands

1. AGI Van de Steeg, Enschedé, PP/SO, Fogra
2. Drukkerij de Bink, Leiden, PP/SO, SCGM
3. Koninklijke Broese & Peerenboom, Breda, PP/SO, SCGM
4. Damen, Werkendam, PP/SO, SCGM
5. Deltahage, Den Haag, PP/SO, SCGM
6. Edge Pre Media, Weesp, PP, SCGM
7. Johan Enschedé, Amsterdam, PP/SO, Fogra
8. Ten Brink en HooibergHaasbeek, Meppel PP/SO, SCGM
9. Drukkerij Gianotten, Tilburg, PP/SO, SCGM
10. Koninklijke van Gorcum, Assen, PP/SO, SCGM
11. Graféno, Rotterdam, PP/SO, SCGM
12. Gravo Offset, Purmerend, SO, SCGM
13. Van Grinsven, Venlo, SO, SCGM
14. De Groot, Goudriaan, PP/SO, SCGM
15. Hoekstra Boom, Emmeloord, PP/CO WAN‐IFRA
16. Ipskamp Drukkers, Enschede, SO, SCGM
17. Libertas, Bunnik, PP/SO, SCGM
18. Lithorade Packaging, Uden, PP/SO, SCGM
19. Mouthaan, Papendrecht ,SO, SCGM
20. Nauta en Haagen, Oss, PP, SCGM
21. Opmeer, Den Haag, PP/SO, SCGM
22. Proof Partners, Rotterdam, PP, SCGM
23. Roto Smeets Grafiservices, Eindhoven PP/SO, SCGM
24. Roto Smeets Grafiservices, Utrecht, PP/SO, SCGM
25. Roto Smeets, Utrecht, PP/HO SCGM
26. Roto Smeets, Weert, PP/HO SCGM
27. Schefferdrukkerij, Dordrecht, PP/SO, SCGM
28. Scholma Druk, Bedum, PP/SO, SCGM
21. Senefelder Misset (RS), Doetinchem, PP/SO/HO SCGM
30. Smurfit Kappa Zedek, Deventer, PP/SO, Fogra
31. TDS Printmaildata, Schiedam, PP/SO, Ugra
32. Telenga, Franeker, PP/SO, SCGM
33. Thieme, Almere, PP/SO, Ugra
34. Thieme, Amsterdam, PP/SO, Ugra
35. Thieme, Deventer, PP/SO, Ugra
36. Thieme MediaCenter, Rotterdam, PP/SO, Ugra
37. Thieme MediaCenter, Zwolle, PP/SO, Ugra
38. Hub Tonnaer, Kelpen‐Oler (Weert), SO, SCGM
39. Tuijtel, Hardinxveld‐Giessendam, PP/SO, SCGM
40. Drukkerij Veenman, Rotterdam, PP/SO, Ugra
41. VOB, Hardenberg, SO, SCGM
42. Wifac KBA showroom, Mijdrecht, PP/SO, SCGM
43. Wilco, Amersfoort, PP/SO, SCGM
44. Zalsman, Groningen, PP/SO, SCGM
45. Zwaan Printmedia, Wormerveer, PP/SO, SCGM

PP = Prepress/lithography (39 x), SO = Sheetfed Offset (39 x), HO = Heatset Offset (3 x), CO = Coldset web (1 x), Total 82 certificates. Certifications from: SCGM (3 prepress companies, 1 press supplier, 30 printing companies), Ugra (7 printing companies), Fogra (3 printing companies) and WAN‐IFRA (1 newspaper).

Information: www.fogra.org • www.scgm.nl • www.ugra.ch • www.wan‐ifra.com Date: January 15, 2010 • Listed by Henk Gianotten (henk{at}gianotten.com)

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  1. Daniel | January 22, 2010 | 11:14 CET

    Hi Marco,

    Just a little correction: it’s Telenga in stead off Fenenga.

  2. Marco | January 22, 2010 | 16:03 CET

    Telenga it is!

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