ISO 12647 certified companies in the Netherlands

Posted by Marco on Jul 20, 2009 in ICC

I’ve written a bit (1, 2, 3) about ISO 12647. In previous years I wrote quite a bit about ISO 12647 as well. So what’s up with all this talk about ISO 12647? Well quality printing is nice, but constant quality is even better! Wouldn’t it be great if I could publish a list of Dutch printing professionals that are ISO 12647 certified? Well, thanks to mr. Gianotten now I can. Here’s the entire list:

ISO 12647 certified companies in the Netherlands
01. AGI Van de Steeg, Enschedé PP/SO Fogra
02. AlfaBase, Alphen ad Rijn PP/SO SCGM
03. Broese & Peerenboom, Breda PP/SO SCGM
04. Comrads, Purmerend PP SCGM
05. Damen, Werkendam PP/SO SCGM
06. DeltaHage, Den Haag PP/SO SCGM
07. Edge Pre Media, Weesp PP SCGM
08. Johan Enschedé, Amsterdam PP/SO Fogra
09. Giethoorn Ten Brink, Meppel PP/SO SCGM
10. Gianotten, Tilburg PP/SO SCGM
11. Koninklijke van Gorcum, Assen PP/SO SCGM
12. Graféno, Rotterdam PP/SO SCGM
13. Gravo Offset, Purmerend SO SCGM
14. Van Grinsven, Venlo SO SCGM
15. De Groot, Goudriaan PP/SO SCGM
16. Hoekstra Boom, Emmeloord PP/CO IFRA
17. Ipskamp Drukkers, Enschede SO SCGM
18. Libertas, Bunnik PP/SO SCGM
19. Lithorade Packaging, Uden PP/SO SCGM
20. Mouthaan, Papendrecht SO SCGM
21. Nauta en Haagen, Oss PP SCGM
22. Opmeer, Den Haag PP/SO SCGM
23. PlantijnCasparie (TG), Capelle ad IJssel PP/SO Ugra
24. PlantijnCasparie (TG), Zwolle PP/SO Ugra
25. Proof Partners, Rotterdam PP SCGM
26. Roto Smeets Grafiservices (RS), Eindhoven PP/SO SCGM
27. Roto Smeets Grafiservices (RS), Utrecht PP/SO SCGM
28. Roto Smeets (RS), Utrecht PP/HO SCGM
29. Roto Smeets (RS), Weert PP/HO SCGM
30. Schefferdrukkerij, Dordrecht PP/SO SCGM
31. Scholma Druk, Bedum PP/SO SCGM
32. Senefelder Misset (RS), Doetinchem PP/SO/HO SCGM
33. Smurfit Kappa Zedek, Deventer PP/SO Fogra
34. TDS Printmaildata, Schiedam PP/SO Ugra
35. Thieme (TG), Almere PP/SO Ugra
36. Thieme (TG), Amsterdam PP/SO Ugra
37. Thieme (TG), Deventer PP/SO Ugra
38. Tuijtel, Hardinxveld‐Giessendam PP/SO SCGM
39. Veenman, Rotterdam PP/SO Ugra
40. VOB, Hardenberg SO SCGM
41. Wilco, Amersfoort PP/SO SCGM
42. Zalsman, Groningen PP/SO SCGM
43. Zwaan Printmedia, Wormerveer PP/SO SCGM

PP = Prepress/lithography (38 x), SO = Sheetfed Offset (35 x), HO = Heatset Offset (3 x), CO = Coldset web (1 x), Total 78 certificates. RS = Roto Smeets ∙ TG = Thieme Group. Certifications from: SCGM (32 companies), Ugra (7 printers), Fogra (3 packaging printers) and IFRA (1 newspaper) ∙ July 14 2009 ∙ List made by Henk Gianotten. Links added by Marco.

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