Will ISOuncoated please step off the stage?

Posted by Marco on Jul 13, 2009 in ICC

The good folks at the ECI (the European Color Initiative) have just released an update for the ISOuncoated.icc profile. This is a major update as the ISOcoated ICC-profile had been replaced well over a year ago and it brought better color-reproduction and more stable colors with it. (And ISOcoated version two finally killed the ‘Blue Haze’ that bothered a lot of printers). So now we have ISOuncoated_V2? Well not exactly. The new international name for ‘ISOuncoated’ is now PSO Uncoated ISO12647_eci.icc’ and it’s based up on the FOGRA47 data-set. If you want to deliver artwork according to the ISO 12647-2 guidelines (and who wouldn’t?) I would highly recommend you use this new profile for all artwork destined for uncoated paper.

As always, the profile can be downloaded for free at the ECI website. More details (in Dutch) at the Digital-Engineer Acrobat.com account.
Tip o’ the hat for mr. Gianotten.

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